Red tuna steaks in olive oil 170 gr Armatore

Red tuna steaks in olive oil 170 gr Armatore

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Fillets of Red Tuna from Cetara Armatore, the most valuable among the species, a delicacy that comes from the Amalfi Coast. A tuna with a tender and tasty flesh, processed within 3 hours of fishing and preserved in olive oil.

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The Red Tuna is the most valuable and sought after among the existing tuna species.

Cetara Armatore tuna is fished off the Amalfi Coast and processing is done entirely by hand within a few hours of fishing.

In the mouth, these fillets are soft and tasty.

There are many properties of the Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna: thanks to a diet based mostly on the consumption of other blue fish, it is rich in fatty acids belonging to the Omega 3 family, especially of the EPA and DHA type, very important to counteract the bad cholesterol in the blood. Furthermore, another benefit that should not be underestimated is the high iron content present in the Bluefin Tuna, which makes it a very important food to be included in a correct balanced diet.


  • bluefin tuna "Thunnus Thynnus"
  • olive oil
  • sea ​​salt

The tuna is processed in Italy.

Origin: FAO area 37.2 Amalfi Coast

Store in a cool and dry place. After opening, store in the fridge covered with oil and use within 5 days.

Italy - Campania
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