Saba Cooked grape must 250 ml Ferretti Corradini

Saba Cooked grape must 250 ml Ferretti Corradini

Ferretti Corradini
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Saba Ferretti Corradini is an ancient condiment obtained from the must of grapes produced in the hills of Reggio Emilia, cooked over a slow and direct heat until approximately one third of the initial volume has evaporated.

It is a grape syrup typical of the tradition of peasant families, its sweet and characteristic flavor makes it ideal for use in cooking with polenta, to flavor desserts and biscuits, with yogurt or on ice cream and panna cotta. It goes perfectly with medium-aged cheeses or added to fresh water as a summer thirst quencher. Curious was the custom in the past during winter snowfalls of filling a glass with fresh snow, soaking it in Saba, creating tasty granitas.

Ingredients: cooked must from Trebbiano grapes from the Reggio Emilia hills.

It does not contain preservatives, thickeners, caramel or added sulphites.

Italy - Emilia-Romagna
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