Shipments and deliveries of purchased products

Enoteca Pirovano accepts orders with delivery all over Italy and abroad, shipped using the express courier.
In each country, to protect our customers, shipments are always ensured against breakage, theft or loss.
Each shipment is processed using certified packaging, designed specifically to protect the most fragile products.
Enoteca Pirovano is committed to accurately and quickly send orders to customers, in accordance with the delivery deadlines indicated on the website during the purchase order process.
The timing will be 24/48 working hours throughout Italy except Islands, where the delivery time could be slightly longer and, in any case, within 30 days from the date of the order confirmation sending to the customer. As for foreign countries, the delivery time will be 4/5 working days, to be calculated from the above-mentioned period.
Enoteca Pirovano will also be free of liability for delays due to force majeure, strikes, natural disasters/diseases and any other fact related to the provision of courier services or to any other circumstance beyond its control.
The order confirmation shows the tracking number by which the customer can monitor the shipping process and the delivery on the courier's website.
The courier will make a first attempt to deliver the order to the address indicated by the customer. If the delivery fails, the courier will inform the customer of the successful delivery attempt and will try to agree with the customer a further order.
In the event that the courier is not able to deliver the order permanently, the customer service will contact the customer to verify his/her interest in a new shipment.
The amount of delivery charges owed by the user in relation to a specific order is expressly and separately indicated (in Euro and including VAT) during the purchase process, in the summary of the order and, in any case, before the user proceeds to transmit and confirm the same one.
Orders for non-EU countries may be subject to customs fees and/or other additional charges, so Enoteca Pirovano refrains from incurring into these costs, which will be solely borne by the customer and will be only at his/her charge. The delivery obligation is fulfilled by transferring the purchased material or, in any case, the control and handling of the product to the user.

It is up to the customer to verify the condition of the product that has been delivered to him/her and/or that he/she has collected.

The risk of loss or damage of products, due to non-attributable to Enoteca Pirovano, is transferred to the user when he/she, or a third party from the same designated and other than the carrier, enters materially in the possession of the purchased product. As a consequence, it is recommended to the user to check the received product and that the packaging is not damaged, nor wet or otherwise altered. It is suggested to the customer to indicate on the carrier's transport document any anomalies, accepting the package reserving his/her right to complain for a reason (e.g. wet package, damaged package, etc).

The product receipt without any claim indicated, will not allow the user to take further legal actions against the courier and/or against Enoteca Pirovano in the case of products loss or damage, except for two reasons: if they are related to the courier's gross negligence and if they represent a partial loss or damage not recognizable at the time of delivery, provided in the latter case, the damage is promptly reported.

In case there are clear and obvious evidences or damages and/or tampering on the packing, it is also recommended that the user gives a prompt and immediate notice of it to our customer service,  at the following e-mail address, also attaching a photo of the damage itself.


All the payments related to purchase orders placed on website are absolutely safe and lawful.
Each customer can choose to pay for an order in several different ways, as here below indicated and explained:


Credit card payments on the website are handled by the system called Stripe. They do not involve any kind of commission and they are absolutely safe. Each customer can pay with all Visa credit cards (including PostePay) and Mastercard. If a payment fails, the user can access his/her order in the account and change the payment method or try/repeat it again.


By paying through PayPal, after the order is confirmed, the customer will be redirected to the Paypal website for payment.
If a payment fails, the user can access his/her order in the account and change the payment method or try/repeat it again.


If the customer pays using a bank transfer, Enoteca Pirovano will ship the purchase order as soon as the payment will be cashed in officially and after the confirmation receipt shared by our bank. Here below you can find all the details to be included in the bank transfer:

Via Dante Alighieri 21, 23884 Castello di Brianza, Lecco Italia
Banca: BCC Credito Cooperativa Alta Brianza, Via Aldo Moro 2/4 Olgiate Molgora  23887 (LC) Italy
IBAN: IT89W0832951630000000161205

It is extremely important to indicate the full and complete purchase order number in the bank transfer itself, otherwise payment could not be correctly processed and, as a consequence, received by Enoteca Pirovano.

The goods purchased by bank transfer will be booked for 7 days, after the deadline the order will be canceled.

In the event of an error, mistake, negligence or wrongdoing from the Payment Gateway and/or from the brokerage systems in payments, related to the transaction handling of a specific order, the seller will not be liable for such error, mistake, negligence or wrongdoing.

The seller reserves the right to delete the transaction and, as a consequence, to cancel the purchase order, in the event that a fraudulent use of the payment method adopted by the customer is directly reported to Enoteca Pirovano by the system. Actually, our website has a specific device that is able to find out the above-mentioned issues.
In addition, Enoteca Pirovano will not be liable for any kind of third-party misuse of a payment method, that is not attributable directly to an error or a negligence of the seller.