Last update: March, 31st, 2020

The purpose of Enoteca Pirovano is to ensure the complete customer satisfaction. If for some reasons our customers are not satisfied with the placed purchase order, they may exercise the right to withdraw, without any penalty, within fourteen (14) calendar days from the day of the purchased products receipt, ordered on the website www.enotecapirovano.com.

In order to exercise the right to withdrawal, the customer must inform Enoteca Pirovano of his/her decision to withdraw, before the period above-mentioned expires.

Products can only be shipped back to Enoteca Pirovano after applying to the return process directly on the website  www.enotecapirovano.com, from the section "My Account", "Return of My Goods" . This process must be carried out within 14 days from the date of the purchased material delivery.

In order to return the product, the customer may use a carrier at his/her choice and the return expenses will be at his/her charge. The user, after exercising the right to withdrawal following the instructions in this article, must organize the shipment back of the product to Enoteca Pirovano, using a carrier at his/her own choice and at his/her own expense, without undue delay and in any case within 7 working days from the date Enoteca Pirovano accepts by email his/her decision to withdraw. The deadline is met if the user sends the product back before the period expires, otherwise no claims will be accepted from Enoteca Pirovano.

It is not possible to change and/or to replace the chosen product with other ones present on the website or in our store.

1.Terms and conditions to exercise the right to withdrawal, in accordance with the article number 52 of the Consumer Code

The right to withdrawal is intended to be exercised correctly if all the following conditions are fully met:

  1. The "online return practice" must be processed by accessing "My Orders" on the website www.enotecapirovano.com, selecting the order you want to return within fourteen (14) days from the delivery date. No delays will be accepted in any way.
  2. Products must be sent back to Enoteca Pirovano with each label, safety seal, packaging and accessory (for example, the case) received with the order. Products, labels, safety seals, packaging and accessories must not show signs of use, scratch, and must not be altered in any way: they must be returned back in the same condition as they were shipped by the seller and in their original internal packaging.
  3. Product Kits must be returned in their original packaging and packed as received, with all the items that make them up. If one component only is missing, the claim will absolutely not be taken into consideration from Enoteca Pirovano.
  4. Returned products must be sent to Enoteca Pirovano in a single shipment. Enoteca Pirovano, reserves the right not to accept products of the same order, returned and shipped back in different stages and in different times, through different shipments.
  5. Returned products must be delivered to the chosen courier within seven (7) business working days starting from the date on which the customer processes the online return process and receives the return confirmation/acceptance from our customer service.
  6. There must be a copy of the purchase invoice along with the shipment.
  7. The return cost is fully borne by the customer, including all the customs charges if any.
  8. The returned package must be shipped from the same address to which the original one was delivered. Other addresses will not be accepted by Enoteca Pirovano.

If the customer is fully in compliance with all the required above-conditions, Enoteca Pirovano will proceed with the refund in two different ways:

  • If the customer has placed with us an entire order, he/she will be refunded for the total amount of the order itself. The shipment back must include the entire placed order.
  • If the customer has partially returned an order, he/she will be refunded for the amount of the returned products only, and not for the whole total order.

Enoteca Pirovano will contact the customer in case the return cannot be accepted because it is not fully in compliance with the above conditions, in order to handle the situation, trying to solve it in the best possible way.
In this case, the customer may choose to have the purchased products back at his/her own expense, paying the return shipping costs. If the customer refuses this shipment, Enoteca Pirovano reserves the right to withhold all the products involved and all the corresponding amount for them.
If the return process has not been carried out by the customer in accordance with the applicable law, it will result in the termination of the contract and, consequently, it will not qualify the user for any refund. Enoteca Pirovano will notify this the user, rejecting the request for withdrawal. The product, if already received back at Enoteca Pirovano, will remain here available in our store to the user for re-collection, at his/her own charges. This process must take place at the expense and under the responsibility of the same user, within 10 working days from the date of the notification receipt email sent by Enoteca Pirovano.

In any case, it is important to underline that, following the article number 59 of the Consumer Code, the right to withdrawal/return is excluded, among other things, if the sale agreement is characterized and/or composed by:

  • Tailor made or clearly customized products, that cannot be easily re-sold to other customers, due to the above-mentioned distinctive signs.
  • Sealed products which have been opened after delivery, that can’t be returned to the seller for hygiene or health protection-related reasons.

2. Refund timing and methods

After Enoteca Pirovano receives the returned product and checked that all the above-mentioned requirements have been met by the user, the customer will get from Enoteca Pirovano an email confirming the successful and correct return. In this email, Enoteca Pirovano will also inform the customer about the handling of the issue itself.
Whatever payment method the customer uses to place the purchase order (credit/debit card, wire transfer or PayPal), the refund will be activated by Enoteca Pirovano as soon as possible, and in any case within thirty (30) days from the date of the return acceptance, once verified that the withdrawal and the return process have taken place in accordance with all the above-mentioned conditions.
The time to re-credit or to return the sum paid for the product purchased from the seller to the customer, will depend on the payment methods/terms used by the user:

Purchase through credit/debit card

The time it takes to cash in the refund, will depend on the institution that issued the credit/debit card used at the purchase order placement time. Please note that the value date of the credit is the same one of the charges, so you will not suffer any loss in terms of bank interests.

Purchase through PayPal

The refund will be made to your PayPal account and will be immediately visible to the customer. The official refund on the credit card of the customer from the PayPal account will depend on the institution that issued the card used at the purchase order placement time.
In the case of a gift made from someone to someone else, the sum involved in the claim will be refunded to the one who previously paid and not to the present/gift beneficiary. Enoteca Pirovano ensures the issue will be handled keeping the privacy.

Purchase through Bank Transfer

The average repayment time is 2/4 working days and it will depend on the bank through which the payment itself has been processed at the time of purchase order placement.

3. Return of products on Italian territory

The cost and the responsibility for the return shipping are borne completely by the customer and not by the seller.
Enoteca Pirovano does not accept orders sent back by the customer with the following shipping term: "Assigned Port".
If orders will be shipped back at seller’s charge and not at customer’s one, the order return will be totally rejected by Enoteca Pirovano. In case customers charge the shipping costs to Enoteca Pirovano, they will have a greater and higher cost to bear than the amount of the returned order. In this case, Enoteca Pirovano will keep the shipping costs amount from the refund entitled to the customer, because the costs have been improperly charged to us.

4. Return of products outside Italian territory

The shipping return cost outside Italy, all the customs charges and the responsibility related are borne completely by the customer and they are not at Enoteca Pirovano’s charge or care.
If orders are shipped by the customer at seller’s charge and not at his/her own one, Enoteca Pirovano will have the right not to accept the package with the returned products.