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Passito di Pantelleria "Ben Rye" 2021 75 cl Donnafugata

Donna Fugata
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Ben Rye, Donnafugata's passito di Pantelleria loved all over the world. From Zibibbo grapes, it smells of apricots and candied fruit. A wine that reaches over 30 years of longevity.


The passito di Pantelleria Ben Rye of the Sicilian company Donnafugata is one of the most loved Italian sweet wines in the world.

Sweet and refined, Ben Rye is a refined passito produced in Pantelleria, a small volcanic island between Sicily and North Africa. The soils reveal their volcanic component with the presence of dark lava stones, and the climate is characterized by strong winds that persist throughout the year, which is why the vine is grown low.

This centuries-old practice of growing the Zibibbo sapling vine has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014.

During the harvest, which begins after mid-August, the bunches are immediately cleaned and deprived of damaged berries, followed by a natural drying of the grapes which are left 3-4 weeks in the sun, with the aim of concentrating sugars and aromas .

In September, following a second harvest, the must of the fresh grapes is mixed with the raisins, ungrappled by hand, during fermentation. The process ends at the end of November, followed by a refinement in the tank for 8 months and then in the bottle for a further 12 months.

Donnafugata's Ben Rye thus becomes an amber-colored passito with golden reflections, with an intense bouquet of candied fruit and apricot aromas, with delicate Mediterranean hints. On the palate it releases an extraordinary freshness which, combined with the sweetness of Zibibbo create a wonderful balance.

Perfect match for blue cheeses and foie gras, but also with chocolates and dry pastries, delicious even on its own, as a meditation wine.

The 75 cl bottle is an excellent format to leave in the cellar, it has a longevity that exceeds 30 years! Forget you have it for a few years and open it for a special occasion.

Pantelleria DOC
Italy - Sicily
Alcohol content
Between 13.5-15.9%
Grape Types
Service temperature
Food-wine Pairing
Aged cheese
Blue cheese
Fruit tarts
Sweet buiscuits and pastries
With packaging
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