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Gin "Coca Leaf Black" 70 cl Amuerte

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Amuerte is a gin brand founded in Belgium by two descendants of master distillers.

The Amuerte gins are all made with a botanical base of coca leaves from Peru, where even today the Wiwa tribe uses coca leaves as a medicine, with the addition of other ingredients sought after among the best in the world during travel of the owners of the brand.

Coca Leaf gin Amuerte Black is a distillate surprising for its taste that combines bitter coca leaf, juniper, tamarillo (tree tomato), oranges, alkekengi, red pepper, papaya and South American dragon fruit.

Amuerte Black is a fruity gin, with aromas of tropical fruits, dragonfruit and passion fruit, there is no lack of delicate spicy and citrus notes, completed by the balsamic nature of juniper.

The sip is soft and harmonious, very fruity with a slightly bitter finish.

The Peruvian coca leaves, during the distillation phase, lose their active principle.

Alcohol content
Between 40-40.9%
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