Carnaroli Acquerello rice aged 7 years 500 gr...

Carnaroli Acquerello rice aged 7 years 500 gr Tenuta Colombara

Tenuta Colombara
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The Acquerello Rice of Tenuta Colombara is a superior quality carnaroli rice thanks to its exclusive internationally patented 7-year processing, maturation and aging method.


Carnaroli Acquerello Rice is a superior quality rice thanks to its special processing and aging.

Cultivated and processed at Tenuta Colombara in the Vercelli area, its exclusive treatment method to which it is subjected makes it particularly suitable for the preparation of high-level risotto.

During its 7-year processing, the bean is matured at a controlled temperature (below 15 ° C) and subsequently reintegrated into the bud to maintain its rich nutritional properties, guaranteeing the taste of white rice but with the characteristics of rice whole wheat.

To guarantee a valuable and superior quality product, this rice has been aged and produced limited quantities.

The 500 gr pack is perfect for 6-7 people, to be enjoyed at a dinner with friends or for the most gluttonous palates.

Italy - Piedmont
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