Valtellina Superiore DOCG Inferno La Cruus 2016 75 cl  Mamete Prevostini - enoteca pirovano
Mamete Prevostini

Valtellina Superiore DOCG Inferno "La Cruus" 2016 75 cl Mamete Prevostini

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Inferno La Cruus from the Mamete Prevostini winery is a full-bodied, intense and at the same time elegant red wine. A wine, 100% Nebbiolo from Valtellina, aged for 12 months in oak barrels, with aromas of red fruits and spices.


Inferno La Cruus, which in the local dialect means "The Rood", is a harmonious and full-bodied superior red wine from the Valtellinese winery Mamete Prevostini.

Made with 100% Nebbiolo grapes, which in these areas they call "Chiavennasca", they are produced in the terraced vineyards of the Rhaetian Alps where thousands of kilometers of dry stone walls support patches of earth composed mainly of flaked rock. The vineyard is located at 570 meters above sea level in the Montagna in Valtellina area, on sandy and silty soils, and flaked granite rock with no limestone.

The harvest is carried out in mid-October, entirely by hand with the obsessive attention that puts each bunch, grape by grape, under scrutiny, to the eyes of perfectionists who eliminate any imperfection, bruising or mold, thus guaranteeing a final product of the highest quality .

The maceration on the skins lasts 15 days, followed by malolactic fermentation, aging in oak barrels in which he spends 12 months and a further 10 months in the bottle where he finishes his aging.

Cruus is intense and elegant, ruby ​​red in color. The nose perceives intense aromas and fine aromas of red fruits, with mineral and spicy hints. On the palate it is intense, rich, harmonious and structured, it wraps the mouth with its elegant and structured character, perfect to accompany typical dishes from the Canton of Lugano, game and aged cheeses.

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Mamete Prevostini

Data sheet

Valtellina Superiore DOCG
Italy - Lombardy
Alcohol content
Between 13.5-15.9%
Grape Types
Wood - 6-12 months
Aging - Maturity
12 months in oak barrels and 10 months in bottles
Service temperature
Food-wine Pairing
Aged cheese
Pasta Bolognese
Red meat stew
Risotto with mushrooms