Rhum Rare Cask Collection 2000 50 cl Clement

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A collector's limited edition Clement rum that is part of the Lion's Choice project, represented by a careful selection of real rarities, sought after among the world's distilleries.


The Clement Rare Cask Collection 2000 Lion's Choice, is a limited edition from the Caribbean island Martinique, which has only 441 bottles, a collection treasure made from only two oak barrels in which this precious rum is aged for 16 years and 8 months. Subsequently, the Clement rum is put for another 8 months in smaller ex Bourbon oak barrels, where aging ends and then it is bottled in 2000.

With this maturation method, the distillate absorbs the delicate hints of wood from the first aging and the softness acquired from the barrels of the second passage.

All the bottles of this limited edition have their own number on the label and are equipped with a wooden box in which to store and keep them.

The rum Clement Rare Cask Collection 2000 is presented in mahogany color, with copper and bronze reflections.

The nose perceives its complexity: the aroma of coffee, in contrast with the sweetness of figs, dates and raisins, softened by notes of vanilla and dried fruit.

In the mouth we find it sweet and deep, tasty, elegant, with hints of fruit and spices. Ideal to accompany peaceful moments of relaxation.

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Carribean - Martinica
Alcohol content
Between 40-40.9%
Aged - 15-19 years
Aging - Maturity
16 years and 8 month in oak barrels and 8 month in ex Bourbon tiny barrels
50 cl
With packaging