Rum Summum Sauternes Cask Finish 12 Y.O. Solera...

Rum Summum Sauternes Cask Finish 12 Y.O. Solera 70 cl

Alcoholes Finos Dominicanos
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Rum Summum, aged 12 years in the Caribbean climate and then transferred to Château d’Arches for a passage in the barrique ex Sauternes, to which it owes part of its curious peculiarities.

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Rum Summum, whose name comes from the Latin and denotes its main characteristic, means: superlative.

Produced by the Caribbean distillery Alcoholes Finos Dominicanos, in the Dominican Republic, it is obtained from the juice of the sugar cane grown directly and entirely on the island, this allows the distillation of the juice to take place within 48 hours from the story (maximum time for this procedure to be done). This is the peculiarity that differentiates it from other Dominican rums which instead are distilled from the molasses of sugar cane from countries such as Brazil, Panama, etc.

The reason for this choice is the storage time of molasses which, unlike juice, lasts for a long time.

The aging of the Summum Sauternes Cask Finish takes place on the island, in its tropical climate, inside oak barrels, with the "Solera" method for 12 years, to then be transferred for a further 9 months in barriques previously used for the Sauternes Château d'Arches.

It presents itself to the eye with its amber color, the meeting with Sauternes barriques enriches this rum with its sweetness and aromas. Scents of dried plums, candied fruit and vanilla, and a soft, tasty and balanced taste, make it a rum suitable for every palate.

Carribean - Dominican Republic
Alcohol content
Between 40-40.9%
Solera method
Aging - Maturity
12 years with Solera method, then 9 months in ex Sauternes barriques
With packaging
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