J. M.

Rhum Cognac Cask Finish 50 cl J.M

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A meeting between Rhum J.M and Cognac Delamain that gives life to a refined, complex and at the same time harmonious bouquet.


Couvè Rhum Agricole J.M. Cognac Cask Finish, born from the collaboration with the Delamain company, renowned for its fine cognacs.

In October 2005, rum j.m. it is left to age for 8 years in oak barrels previously used for Bourbon, immediately after being placed for a few months in large ex Cognac barrels belonging to the Delamain company. Finally, in March 2015, bottled. Each bottle bears the barrel number and is numbered.

The color is amber and bright with its golden reflections, the contrasting but very clear aromas, notes of Cognac Delamain and Bourbon, the result of this sequence of barrels in which it has aged, also giving the flavor particular contrasting flavors, with hints of hazelnuts, almonds and honey, intense and sumptuous.

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J. M.

Data sheet

Carribean - Martinica
Alcohol content
Between 40-40.9%
Aged - 5-9 years
Aging - Maturity
8 years in ex Bourbon oak barrels and few month in ex Cognac barrels
50 cl