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Barbaresco DOCG "Crichet Paje'" 2013 75 cl Roagna

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The Barbaresco Crichet Pajé Roagna represents the maximum expression of the wines of this winery.

The name that has been given to this Barbaresco Crichet Pajé, comes from the Piedmontese dialect, the term Crichet means "high part of the small hill", that is the optimal position for the cultivation of Nebbiolo, which loves to be well exposed and sheltered from the winds from the hills. higher. The term Pajé refers to the vineyard of origin.

Barbaresco Crichet Pajé Roagna comes from a microparticle within the Pajé vineyard particularly rich in white limestone marl and is the vineyard with the highest content of active limestone: it is an area of ​​just over half a hectare with unique soil and microclimate. The Pajé opens onto the valley of the Tanaro river, which mitigates cold winters and especially hot summers.

The younger plants used for this wine are over 60 years old and the balance of the plant is not changed with thinning as the old plants have reached an optimal productive balance; some vines can carry a single cluster or in some years not even produce.

This wine was born from the research of Giovanni Roagna. He bought the vineyard in 1953 and after years of experimentation he managed to select this unique terroir.

Crichet Pajé was the family's personal reserve, used for the most important events. In 1978 Alfredo Roagna decided to make Crichet Pajé known to the world. This is therefore the first vintage to be found on the market.

Wine of absolute value in its complexity and longevity. The vineyard is harvested in October, usually in the morning, when it is perfectly ripe. The grapes are harvested manually and placed in small boxes. Before being vinified, the grapes follow two manual selections to check their perfect integrity.

Fermentation takes place exclusively in wooden vats, thanks to a pied de cuve of indigenous yeasts, and lasts for about ten days. The ancient maceration technique of the submerged cap splint is then applied, which lasts about 80-90 days. Finally the Crichet Pajé ages in a neutral oak barrel for about 10 years.

The production of bottles is very limited. In some years less than 1000, up to a maximum of just over 2000.

Barbaresco DOCG
Italy - Piedmont
Alcohol content
Between 13.5-15.9%
Grape Types
Service temperature
Food-wine Pairing
Aged cheese
Red meat stew
Risotto with mushrooms
Roasted and grilled meat
Production Philosophy
Indigenous yeasts
With packaging
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