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Chichibu Distillery

Whisky Japanese Single Malt The Peated 2018 70 cl Chichibu Distillery

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The Peated 10th Anniversary single malt whiskey is a Japanese distillery from Ichiro's Malt Chichibu distillery. Its aromas hover between citrus notes, sweet flavors of caramelized fruit and sweet smoky scents with a persistent finish to be savored.


The Peated 10th Anniversary 2018 is a distillate that marks the tenth anniversary of the first bottling of the Japanese Chichibu Distillery, a small distillery founded in 2004 near Tokyo that immediately positioned itself among the great whiskey producers.

This Japanese whiskey was distilled in 2013, left to age for 5 years and bottled in 2018 for a production of 11,550 bottles.

The Peated 10th Anniversary 2018 by Chichibu, with a bright gold color, looks like an excellent whiskey with lively and at the same time meaty and delicious aromas, with delicate sweet notes of caramelized apple, walnuts, vanilla, accompanied by light hints of citrus, malt and cereals , and a soft touch of smoke and toasted oak.

In the mouth it is rich and full-bodied, it claims the same aromas also on the palate, enriching them with earthy notes and a finish of ginger, honey, citrus and sweet persistent wood smoke that allows you to enjoy it for a long time.

This The Peated Chichibu is a great whiskey to share with both whiskey lovers and beginners.

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Chichibu Distillery

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