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Whisky The Arcadian Biodynamic "Luna 1.1" 70 cl Waterford

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Whiskey Waterford The Arcadian Biodynamic "Luna 1.1" is the first whiskey in the world born with the biodynamic method.

Barley grows influenced by the place where it grows, by the soils that nourish its roots, by the microclimate in which it matures, combined with other forces that condition the universe; the Waterford distillery draws on the ancient tradition of lunar cycles and esoteric preparations, to charge the soils with vitality and the barley with vivacity.

The Arcadian Biodynamic Waterford embodies the most natural flavors of the spirit of the place. Historic whiskey, distilled from the only Irish biodynamic barley.

Whiskey Waterford Luna 1.1 ages more than 3 years in different barrels before being blended, 52% American first-use barrels, 26% French oak barrels, almost all ex-Chateau Lafite Rotschild and ex-Porto and ex-Amarone barrels.

With a golden apricot color, it expresses itself with aromas of plums, apricot jam, fresh fruit salad, coffee, chocolate and hay after the rain.

In the mouth it fills every corner with spicy notes, white pepper, cloves, green peppers, chocolate and licorice with a harmony of mint and grapefruit. The finish is warm, dry but leaves you wanting more.

Luna 1.1 Waterford brings the curious and the skeptical together in a continuous exploration of authentic flavors.

Alcohol content
Between 50-50.9%
Aged - 18 months-4 years
Aging - Maturity
Service temperature
With packaging
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