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Donna Fugata

Catarratto DOC "Prio" 2019 75 cl Donnafugata

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Prio, Donnafugata's Catarratto in purity, is a Sicilian white wine with fresh, joyful and convivial characters. Its aromas are rich in citrus, floral notes and Mediterranean memories, and fresh and carefree flavors. A perfect wine to be enjoyed paired with light fish-based dishes.


The Prio Catarratto Sicilia DOC of the Donnafugata company is a spontaneous white wine with a marked freshness.

Produced in purity from the autochthonous Catarratto, Prio, like the meaning of the word itself in the Sicilian dialect, is an intense and fragrant white that gives joy at the first sip.

It is grown on the hills of the south-western area of ​​Sicily, at the Contessa Entellina estate and in the neighboring territories, at an altitude ranging from 200 to 600 meters above sea level, on clayey soils rich in nutrients for vines, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and limestone.

After the harvest, the grapes are left to ferment in steel tanks at a controlled temperature between 14 and 16 ° and then undergo refinement in tanks for two months and then bottled, where it remains for another three months before being marketed.

The Prio di Donnafugata has a bright straw yellow color, the aromas are enriched by strong citrus hints of grapefruit and cedar, Mediterranean notes and floral notes of elderberry. In the mouth it is fresh, carefree, and in perfect harmony with the olfactory taste.

Perfect to drink as an aperitif or paired with dishes based on raw fish, fried fish and vegetables.

Product Details

Donna Fugata

Data sheet

Sicilia DOC
Italy - Sicily
Alcohol content
Between 12.5-13.4%
Grape Types
Wood - No use
Aging - Maturity
2 months in steel tanks and 3 months in bottles
Service temperature
Food-wine Pairing
Finger food
Pasta with vegetables sauce
Warm fish appetizers