Pure single Rum Monymusk 2007 MMW 13 Y.O. 70 cl...

Pure single Rum Monymusk 2007 MMW 13 Y.O. 70 cl Villa Paradisetto Velier

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Pure Single Rum Monymusk 2007 MMW, aged 13 years in the tropical climate of Jamaica, a Rum selected among the best distilleries to pay homage to the historic headquarters of Velier, Villa Paradisetto 1988-2020.


Rum Monymusk MMW 2007 is one of the last 3 creations of Velier inside Villa Paradisetto, a legendary place that in 1988 gave birth to extraordinary selections of Rum and, in 2020, on the occasion of his transfer he wanted to pay homage to his historic home with these last 3 creations sought after among the most important distilleries with which Velier has worked.

For the occasion, the collaboration of the artist Warren Khong was requested, who created works inspired by the historic Villa Paradisetto headquarters where Velier worked for 32 years.

Monumusk 2007 is a Pure Single Rum distilled in 2007 and bottled in 2020, after spending 13 years in the tropical climate of Jamaica.

The triad includes:

  • Monymusk 2007 MMW Pure single Rum
  • Privateer 2017 Traditional Rum
  • Chamarel 2013 Pure Single Rum
Carribean - Giamaica
Alcohol content
60% or more
Aged - 10-14 years
Aging - Maturity
13 years in barrels in tropical wheather
With packaging
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