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Whisky Glenfiddich Exellence 26 years old 70 cl

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The 26 year old Glenfiddich Exellence Whiskey is a rare Scottish single malts, an expression of continuous excellence in the history of this niche distillery. It releases delicate notes, with hints of vanilla, oak and spices.


Scotch whiskey 'Exellence 26 years' single malt from the Glenfiddich distillery is meticulously aged in ex-bourbon American oak barrels for 26 years. This expression of excellence has been created to keep the Glenfiddich line continuous over time, since William Grant founded this renowned distillery in 1887.

Rich in delicate notes of vanilla, light oak and spices, this exceptional whiskey aged for 26 years is one of the best most desirable expressions. Perfectly aged in Bourbon barrels, this single malt releases and instills excellence. Its particularity and refinement is immediately described by the precious packaging in which this bottle is stored, lined internally and with a special golden plate engraved on the outside, in which this rare whiskey is briefly described.

The Glenfiddich distillery wanted to create a luxurious single malt that really lives up to its name. Their goal was to create a soft and delicate expression, with a deep and complex balance of sweetness and dry tannins. Tied to enhance the palate and awaken the nose.

Excellent for tasting a true vintage single malt of excellent quality with an obsessive attention to detail from creation to the finished product.

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Scotland - Speyside
Alcohol content
Between 40-40.9%
With packaging