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Gin High Tea 70 cl Mayfair

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Mayfair is one of the very few distilleries left in London and brings with it over 300 years of history always linked to the same family who, with passion, wanted to pass on the high quality of raw materials and luxury, paying homage to an era of extreme elegance. English.

To produce his gins, the master distiller of the Mayfair distillery, Charles Maxwell, uses only small stills to ensure a high quality of the product, and the botanicals are all told by hand.

The Gin High Tea Mayfair comes from a centenary experience and from first choice raw materials. It is obtained from a double distillation of different botanicals; Rich in bergamot extracts, Earl Gray tea is introduced, together with rose petals, in the distillation process, in order to create a gin that is as British as possible.

The essence of bergamot adds a velvety sensation in the mouth, along with hints of citrus and licorice of coriander and angelica. The nose offers a spicy and fruity aroma. On the palate, juniper berries dominate, which are then completed in a soft way by notes of rose and tea. A very British gin!

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