Levi Romano

Grappa di Barbaresco "Donna Selvatica che scavalica le colline del Barbaresco" 70 cl Romano Levi

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The personality and genius of Romano Levi have always contributed to the spread of his spirits, which are still appreciated and sought after all over the world today. Luigi Veronelli had baptized it "the Angelic Grappaiolo" and, in 1987, the New York Times did not hesitate to call it a "living national treasure, uncrowned king of Piedmontese distillation".

The grappa of the wild woman that climbs the hills of Barbaresco is aged in wood for at least 6 years, it was produced with fresh pomace still dripping with must. The vines used are Nebbiolo da Barbaresco DOCG. According to Romano Levi's recipe, the pomace is fermented and then immediately distilled, in an ancient still, the only one over direct heat. The distillation takes place with a discontinuous method and with submerged marc. Immediately after distillation, the grappa is placed in classic Piedmontese 700-liter barrels made of acacia wood and stored for six years at a temperature between 14 ° and 19 °.

Aging has given the distillate an amber color and a refined elegance and extraordinary balance

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Levi Romano

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Italy - Piedmont
Aged - 5-9 years
Aging - Maturity
6 years in acacia barrels
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