Hampden Estate Rum Pure Single Jamaica "LROK"...

Hampden Estate Rum Pure Single Jamaica "LROK" 2010 70 cl

Hampden Estate
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LROK is a crazy rum, for true enthusiasts, it is produced by the famous Jamaican distiller Hampden and it is the oldest rum matured internally in the distillery. Intense and aggressive like all the products in the range, however, LROK amazes for the balance of its aromas, with sweet notes of caramel and candied fruit that balance the more spicy and toasted component.

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LROK (Light Rum Owen Kelly) Hampden Estate, is a pure single Jamaican rum aged 11 years entirely within the company, in Trelawny in the tropical climate, producing an angel share equivalent to 44 years of aging in Europe.

Hampden LROK comes from a wild fermentation, prolonged with natural yeasts. The 100% artisanal distillation takes place in copper double report pot stills.

Throughout the production process, only water from a natural spring is used, which is collected in an uncontaminated reservoir.

A rum that cannot be reproduced anywhere else, genuine and without added sugar.

Carribean - Giamaica
Alcohol content
Between 40-40.9%
Aged - 10-14 years
Aging - Maturity
11 years in tropical climate
Service temperature
With packaging
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