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Whisky the Unique 44% 70 cl Michel Couvreur

Michel Couvreur
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Michel Couvreur's The Unique whiskey comes from Scottish raw materials and a 4-year aging in Burgundy. The result is a high-quality whiskey, full-bodied, soft and with slightly hints of vanilla.


Michel Couvreur's The Unique is a Whiskey characterized by its aromatic hint of vanilla, a soft, light and delicate taste enhanced by excellent raw materials.

This whiskey is made from a grain selected in Scotland and then brought to age in Bouze-lès-Beaune, France for 4 years in wooden barrels and diluted with pure Scottish Highland water carefully chosen and imported into Burgundy to guarantee a product of high quality level also during bottling.

The Unique whiskey reveals an intense and limpid golden color, on the nose it releases refined notes, with smoky and spicy hints with a nice presence of vanilla that blend with balance and elegance. In the mouth it is soft and full-bodied with light sweet and delicate vanilla notes.

Scotland - Highlands
Alcohol content
Between 40-40.9%
Aged - 18 months-4 years
Aging - Maturity
4 years in wood barrels
With packaging
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